Digital content creation

You have a million things to think about. Finding the right words to connect with your market shouldn’t be one of them.

Content that’s smarter, not louder

It’s noisy out there and it’s getting worse. Everyone wants attention. Everyone wants to connect. But finding the time and resources to create content that gets the right results is hard. Really hard.

I’m up for it if you are.

We’ll cut through the chatter with messaging that’s clear, direct and aimed straight at your audience. I’ll write your stories in your unique voice, freeing you up to spend your time and energy on your own clients.

Targeted content is the smart solution. You don’t need to reach everyone—just the right ones. So let’s get talking.

Damned fine copywriting

  • Keyword-optimised website content

  • Digital newsletters

  • Email automations

  • Product descriptions

  • Case studies

  • Profiles

  • Social media posts

  • Media releases

  • Reviews

  • Blog posts (see the Blogging page for more details)

Website copywriting packages

Whether you’re looking for a professional assessment of your website copy, a fresh treatment for worn-out words or something new and sharp, I’ve got a website copywriting package to suit.

  • Copy Assess

    How is your copy performing?

    • Introductory meeting/research
    • Competitor analysis
    • Assessment of homepage plus two others you nominate
    • Report and recommendations
  • Copy Refresh

    Give your tired copy a makeover

    • Introductory meeting/research
    • Competitor analysis
    • Refresh existing homepage copy plus two other pages you nominate
    • One revision of refreshed copy per page
  • Copy create

    Fresh, shiny new copy

    • Introductory meeting/research
    • Competitor analysis
    • SEO-optimised homepage copy plus either one other page you nominate or product descriptions to 600 words total
    • One revision of new copy per page
*Prices are GST exclusive

But because we don't all fit into tidy little boxes...

Get in touch and I’ll create a quote for your unique project. Easy!

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