I sweated blood over this one, I admit it. Working with a web designer’s clients is one thing; creating copy for the web designer’s own site is another.

I first met Avoca Web Design‘s founder and creative director, Brendyn Montgomery, in 2012. He was IT manager for adult literacy agency, Adult Learning Support (ALS), where I did some pro-bono work while setting up as a freelancer.

Brendyn eventually left ALS to concentrate on Avoca and we worked together on and off over the next few years. We discovered that we share a similar business ethos, and enjoyed collaborating so much that at the end of 2016 we partnered up to create our training organisation, Good Honest Content.

Brendyn had a very clear vision of where he wanted to go with Avoca’s re-brand, so his brief was comprehensive and thorough. He walked me through every part of the site and I took copious notes. Then I bit my nails for a while and eventually got to work.

Fortunately, he was very satisfied with what I produced and we all lived happily ever after.


  • Web design and hosting
  • SEO
  • Online marketing


  • Copywriting
  • Sweating blood

We’ve had wonderful feedback from our peers in the web design industry about the quality of the copywriting and the clarity of our message.

—Brendyn Montgomery


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