Backlighting. Awesome.

Kia ora. I’m Niki.

The first great joy of my life was learning to read. The second was learning to write. The third involved dancing and the fourth had a lot to do with parties and boys.

I still love those things, although these days I party with just one boy and he’d probably prefer to be called a husband.

Like many writers, I’ve tried my hand at all sorts of occupations. Each one gave me some useful skill or insight to take away, even if it was just the realisation that I would never be cut out to sell advertising for community newspapers.

One of my favourite roles was presenting radio shows for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation—it’s not often that you actually get paid to be nosy and mash your gums!

I learnt how to produce good copy under serious time constraints. I learnt how to run from the office into the studio, set up the sound desk, transfer audio files and write half a script in 90 seconds. Most importantly, I learnt there’s no such thing as a boring subject if you have the skills to bring it to life.

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